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November 14, 2018

Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes
Agenda  (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments
Consent Items:
5A. Consider Approval of September 5, 2018 Minutes  Draft Minutes
5B. Consider Approval of October 10, 2018 Minutes  Draft Minutes 
5C. Consider Approval: Destruction of LAFCo Records Pursuant to Govt. Code sec. 56382.  Staff Report  Attachment A
5D. Consider Approval: City of Clovis "Nees-Armstrong Northeast No. 2 Reorganization."  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B  Attachment C  NOD  Initial Study  MOU  Specific Service Plan  LAFCo NOD  Resolution
5E. Consider Approval: City of Clovis "Shepherd-Sunnyside Northwest Reorganization."  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B  Attachment C  MOU  Specific Service Plan  Mitigated Negative Declaration  Notice  LAFCo NOD  Resolution
5F. Consider Approval: City of Reedley "Manning-Buttonwillow Reorganization."  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B  Attachment C  MOU  Mitigated Negative Declaration  NOD  Service Plan  LAFCo NOD  Resolution
5G. Receive and File: Correspondence from the City of Fresno Regarding SEDA Specific Planning  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B
Regular Agenda Items:
6. Consider Approval: Amendment of Fresno LAFCo's Financial and Accounting Procedures to Perform an Annual Finanical Audit in Place of Current Biennial Audit  Staff Report  Resolution
7. Workshop: Discussion Regarding LAFCo Strategic Planning  Staff Report
8. Informational Item: Proposed 2019 LAFCo Hearing and Office Calendar  Staff Report
9. Informational Item: Veterans Memorial District Formation Memorandum  Staff Report
10. Informational Item: Update on Inactive Special District list sent from the State Controller in Accordance with SB 448  Staff Report



Approved November 14, 2018   Audio  Minutes
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November 14,