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February 10, 2016 

Staff Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes

5A.  Minutes from the Regular LAFCo Meeting of January 13, 2016    Draft Minutes
5B    Document Destruction   Staff Report   Resolution
6.      Firebaugh Canal Water District Municipal Service Review   Staff Report & MSR   Notice of Exemption    Resolution
7.      Sierra Resource Conservation District Municipal Service Review, District Detachment, and Sphere of Influence Revision       Staff Report &       MSR    Notice of Exemption    MSR Resolution  District Detachment Resolution   Sphere Revision Resolution
8.      LAFCo Support of "One Voice D.C." Fresno COG's Regional Advocacy    Staff Report    Resolution
9.      Information Item Regarding Commission Leadership and Composition    Staff Report
10.    Fresno MSR/SOI Clommittee Progress Report    Staff Report
11.    Executive Officer Comments/Reports
12.    Commission Member Comments/Reports



February 10, 2016   Minutes     Audio

February 10,