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August 12, 2015 

Staff Reports, Resolutions and Audio

5A.  Minutes from the Regular LAFCo Meeting of July 8, 2015    Minutes
5B.  City of Kingsburg "Mendocino-Klepper Northwest Reorganization"  Staff Report  Correspondence  Service Plan  Environmental Documents  Resolution
5C.  City of Sanger "Indianola-North Reorganization"   Staff Report State Water Resources Control Board letter    Correspondence  Additional Correspondence provided to Commission at Hearing    Service Plan  Initial Study   Mitigated Monitoring Program     Resolution
5D.  Raisin City Water District Progress Report   Staff Report 
6.  Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings for the "Whitesbridge-Valentine Southwest Reorganization"  Staff Report    Resolution
7.   City of Fresno "Locan-Fedora Northeast Reorganization"   Staff Report  July 8th Staff Report   Correspondence  NOD  Initial Study   Mitigation Monitoring Program   Resolution 
8.  Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update prepared for the Panoche Water District    Staff Report   MSR  Resolution
9.  Interim Report on the status of the Lanare Community Service District    Staff Report   Additional Correspondence provided to Commission at hearing
10.  Executive Officer briefing on 56133 Extension of Services Worksheet   Staff Report


August 12, 2015     Audio    Minutes

August 12,