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May 1, 2013

Staff Reports, Resolutions, and Audio


Consider Acceptance of LAFCo Financial Statement Staff Report

Consider Approval: 
One Year Extension for the City of Reedley "Reed-Floral Reorganization, Annexation No. 2004-7" (LAFCo File No. RO-08-9) Staff Report - Resolution
City of Clovis "Barstow-DeWolf Northeast Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-13-2) Staff Report - CEQA - Resolution
Letter to the City of Fresno in General Support of the Litigation Management Act and Dismissal of Friant Ranch Litigation Staff Report
LAFCo Final Budget for the Fiscal year 2013-2014 Staff Report

Conducting Authority Proceedings:
Malaga County Water District "North-Chestnut No. 1 (Imperial Truck Wash) Annexation" (LAFCo File No. AD-13-1) Staff Report - Resolution
County of Fresno "CSA No. 47 (Quail Lake) Dissolution" (LAFCo File No. DOD-12-1) Staff Report - Resolution
Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Staff Report - Resolution

Provide Direction:
A. Regarding Draft Municipal Service Review for the Fresno County Fire Protection District
B. Discussion Regarding Draft Fire Transition Policy (Policy No. 102-04)
Staff Report

Appoint a New LAFCo Executive Officer Resolution

Agenda Packet Large File


May 1, 2013 Hearing (Three Hour Hearing Please be Patient)

May 1,