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March 13, 2019

Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes

Agenda  (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments
Consent Items:
5A. Consider Approval of February 13, 2019 Minutes.  Draft Minutes
5B. Legislative Action: Consider Letters of Support for AB 213 and AB 1253.  Staff Report  AB 213  AB 1253

Regular Agenda Items:
6. Informational Item:  Preliminary Budget and Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2019-20.  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B
7. Workshop:  LAFCo Policy Manual Section 350 (Schedule of Fees and Service Changes).  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B  Attachment C
8. Consider Approval:  LAFCo Support of "One Voice D.C." Fresno COG's Regional Advocacy.  Staff Report  Attachment A  Attachment B




Approved March 13, 2019   Audio  Minutes
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March 13,