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June 5, 2013

Staff Reports, Resolution and Audio


Consider Acceptance of:
LAFCo Financial Statement Staff Report
2011-2012 LAFCo Audit Staff Report - Resolution

Consider Approval: 
One Year Extension for the City of Reedley "Manning-Zumwalt Reorganization - Annexation No. 2008-1 " (LAFCo File No. RO-10-1) Staff Report - Resolution
City of Kerman "Kerman Annexation No. 12-01, Mid Valley Disposal " (LAFCo File No. RO-13-3) Staff Report-Service Plan-Initial Study-Final Mitigated Neg Dec - Resolution

Draft Municipal Service Review for the Fresno County Fire Protection District - Resolution
Amending Fire Transition Policy (Policy No. 102-04) Staff Report - Resolution
A new policy requiring LAFCo to hold an annual workshop with Fresno County cities and the special districts to consider probable municipal growth for the coming year Staff Report

City of Kingsburg's "Guardian-Sun Maid Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-12-7) Staff Report
Issues Related to the Calwa Park and Recreation District Staff Report

Appoint a voting delegate and alternate to vote for Board of Directors at the 2013 Annual CALAFCO Conference Staff Report


June 5, 2013 Hearing

June 5,