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July 17, 2013

Staff Reports, Resolutions and Audio


Consider Acceptance of:
LAFCo Financial Statement Staff Report

Consider Approval: 
Permitting the Executive Officer to chair the Fresno COG Regional Transportation Plan Roundtable Staff Report
Destruction of Fresno LAFCo Public Records Staff Report - Resolution
One Year Extension for the City of Fresno "Whitesbridge-Valentine Southwest Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-06-20) Staff Report - Resolution
City of Kingsburg "Guardian-Sun Maid Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-12-7) Staff Report - Final Mitigated Neg Dec - Biological - Cultural - Traffic - Resolution
City of Kerman "Kerman Annexation No. 12-01, Mid Valley Disposal " (LAFCo File No. RO-13-3) Staff Report-Initial Study-Final Mitigated Neg Dec - Resolution

Municipal Service Review for the City of Huron Staff Report
Municipal Service Review for the Biola Community Service District Staff Report

Other Matters:
Calwa Park and Recreation District Options Other than Dissolution Staff Report
Actions to Facilitate the Selection of an Alternate Public Member Staff Report - Resolution
Response to Grand Jury Report Related to the Del Rey Community Service District Staff Report


July 17, 2013 Hearing

July 17,