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July 13, 2016

Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes
Agenda  (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments
5A.    Approval of June 8, 2016 Minutes       Draft Minutes
5B.     Request authorization for the destruction of Fresno LAFCo public records    Staff Report    Resolution
6.      Consider Adoption of Fresno Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update   Staff Report    MSR    Resolution
7.      Consider Adoption of Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Update for County Service Area No. 2 (Tenaya Park) and County Service Area No. 5 (Wildwood Estates)  Staff Report    MSRs for CSA No. 2 and  CSA No. 5   CSA No. 2 Resolution   CSA No. 5 Resolution
8.       Consider Amendment of the Fresno LAFCo Policies, Standards, and Procedures to align with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act    Staff Report


Please note, the Audio was paused when the Commission went into closed session toward the end of the hearing.  When the Commission returned from closed session the recorder was unpaused, but unfortunately the end of the hearing was recorded over the beginning of the hearing.  Therefore, the audio begins when the Commission returned from closed session until adjournment, then the recording continues at a point before the Consent Calendar is approved. Sorry for any confusion.


Approved July 13, 2016 Minutes   Audio

July 13,