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January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013 Staff Reports, Resolutions, and Audio


Consider Acceptance of LAFCo Financial Statement Staff Report

Provide Direction: Policy discussion regarding election of chairman and vice chairman. Staff Report

Consider Approval:
One-Year Extension of Time for the:
City of Sanger "California-Academy Northwest Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-07-21) Staff Report - Resolution
City of Fresno "Shields-Locan No. 3 Reorganization" (LAFCo File No. RO-07-26) Staff Report - Resolution

Consider Adoption:
Adopt policy for the implementation of SB 244 (Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities) Staff Report - Resolution
Adopt Resolution Designating New Approved Signers for the LAFCo Checking Account at the Central Valley Community Bank Staff Report - Resolution

Consider Authorization: Authorize the Executive Officer to enter into an agreement with consultant to prepare MSR for the City of Fresno’s General Plan Staff Report - Resolution

Information and Discussion Item: Fire District Transition Agreement Update Staff Report

Provide Direction: Mid-Year Budget Review Staff Report

Consider Approval and Authorization: Material for recruitment of a new executive officer Staff Report

Agenda Packet


January 9, 2013 Hearing

January 9,