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February 11, 2015 

Staff Reports, Resolutions and Audio

Minutes from the January 14, 2015 Meeting    Minutes
Request for One-Year Extension "Barstow-Grantland No. 3A"  Staff Report  Resolution
Request for One-Year Extension "Dissolution of County Service Area No. 47"  Staff Report  Resolution
Request for Approval: City of Reedley "Reed-Floral Reorganization, 2014"   Staff Report   Correspondence   Service Plan   NOD  & Initial Study  Resolution
Amendment to LAFCo Policy 502 - Election of Chairman and Chairman Pro Tempore   Staff Report
Adopt Procedure for Implementation of the Commission's DUC Policy   Staff Report  Resolution  East Side County DUC Map   West Side County DUC Map
Amendment to LAFCo Policy Regarding Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings   Staff Report
Workshop on Inactive Special Districts  Staff Report

February 11, 2015   Audio  Minutes

February 11,