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December 13, 2017

Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes
Agenda  (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments
5A. Consider Approval of November 8, 2017 Minutes-  Draft Minutes
5B. Consider Approval: A contract with Sampson, Sampson & Patterson LLP for LAFCo's biannual financial audit and authorize the executive officer to execute the agreement-  Staff Report   
5C. Consider Approval: Sanger Unified School District "Jensen-Armstrong No. 1 Reorganization"-  Staff Report  Attachment   Resolution
6. Consider Approval: City of Clovis "Shaw-Leonard Northwest Reorganization"-  Staff Report   Resolution
7. Consider Approval: Municipal Service Review update and sphere of influence revision for the Oak Grove Cemetery District (continued from October 11, 2017 hearing)  -   Staff Report   Map   October Staff Report        MSR/SOI   Resolution
8. Informational Update: Professional Services Agreement between the County of Fresno and Fresno LAFCo -  Staff Report


Approved December 13, 2017  Audio  Minutes
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December 13,