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April 12, 2017

Reports, Resolutions, Audio and Minutes
Agenda  (Click here to see entire agenda)

The following Agenda Items have Staff Reports and Attachments
5A. Consider Approval of March 8, 2017 Minutes    Draft Minutes
5B. Consider Approval: City of Fresno "Olive-Armstrong No. 4 Reorganization."   Staff Report  Resolution
5C. Consider Approval: City of Fresno "Clinton-Valentine No. 4 Reorganization."  Staff Report  Resolution
5D. Consider Legislative Action   Staff Report
6. Proposed Budget and Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2017-2018  Staff Report   Resolution
7. Munipical Service Reviews and Sphere of Influence Updates for City of Selma and Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler Sanitation District.  Staff Report
City of Selma  MSR  Resolution
SKF County Sanitation District   MSR  Resolution
8. Request for Extension of Time to Complete Proceedings for Whitesbridge-Valentine Southwest Reorganization  Staff Report  Resolution


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Approved April 12, 2017  Audio  Minutes

April 12,