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Executive Officer Job Opening Announcement
EO Position Description
Application of Employment

Application Forms

LAFCo Annexation Process Flowchart
LAFCo Special District Application Process Flowchart
99(b) Property Tax Exchange Process Flowchart
Revenue & Taxation Code 99(b) Procedure for Special District Changes of Organizations and Reorganizations
1983 BOS Resolution adopting the Revenue & Taxation Code 99(b) Procedure for Special District Changes of Organizations and Reorganizations

Property-Owner or Proponent Initiated Application
    Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition [form]

 Documents to Support Resolution-Initiated Applications
    Sample City Resolution Initiating Procedure [form]
    Sample District Resolution Initiating Procedure [form]

Annexation Program
Model Annexation Program (MAP) Staff Report
    MAP Guideline
MAP Guidedlines Resolution

Application Materials
    Master Application Form
    Master Application Form (Fillable)
    Indemnity Agreement
    Landowner Consent Form
    Registered Voter Consent Form
    Service Plan Worksheet
    Standards for Maps and Legal Descriptions
    Master Street Address Guide
    Sample Right-to-Farm Covenant and Agreement
    City and District Sample Notice Per GC 56654(c)

Sphere of Influence Revision/Update

Items Necessary for a Complete Application

    LAFCo Fees- See Section 350- Fee Schedule in Commission Policies, Standards, and Procedures provided below
    State Board Fees

Agency Information for Extension of Services
    Extension of Services Worksheet

Executive Officer's Memoranda
    Save LAFCo Processing Time by Sending Notice Per GC 56654(c)
    CEQA Requirements
    Service Plan Requirements
    Requirements for Final Map
    Requirements for District Formation

Protest Procedures
    Inhabited Proposal Protest Hearing Procedures
    Uninhabited Proposal Protest Hearing Procedures
    Protest Form

Policy Documents
   Citizens Guide to LAFCo
   Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act
    LAFCo Policies, Standards and Procedures
        Legal Analysis of Fresno LAFCo's Fire Transition Policy
    LAFCo 2018-2019 Budget
    LAFCo 2019-2020 Budget